Information about the legality of Brake Plus in the USA.

Brake Plus follows all F.T.C. regulations and is D.O.T. compliant across all 50 states.

The F.T.C. regulation that occasionally comes into question by laymen is 49 CFR § 393.25 (e).

The confusion comes from a lack of understanding of the definitive difference between steady-burning and non steady-burning lamps.

Brake Plus offers a stead-burning function to motor vehicle lamps by causing the lamp to pulse (not blink / flash / strobe) 4 times and then remain solid. When a light pulses, the light never goes out or turns off—the illumination simply dims and brightens.

Brake Plus pulses

It does NOT blink, flash, or strobe

Steady-burning Lamps

- Always On
- Pulsing

Non Steady-burning Lamps

- Blinking
- Flashing
- Strobing

An important distinction

While the difference between pulsing and blinking / flashing / strobing may seem miniscule to those outside the legal profession, in the eyes of the law they are vastly different things. If you have further concerns, we encourage you to contact your legal representative for further clarification.

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